Who is Zu

Zu is an energetic, passionate and knowledgeable speaker that will open your mind to what it really takes to lead successful change.

She loves to help people go through smooth transitions and watch them  thrive. 

Zu worked for Bayer for over 19 years, holding roles with a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of Finance, Global Trade and Compliance, Supply Chain and Change Management. As a change manager she coached leaders on how to lead change and engage employees, as well as, implemented several multi-million dollar global projects that required change with people, processes and tools. 

She gathered all the knowledge she has gained over the past 20 years and created an intuitive approach to leading change that has been helping leaders and employees to experience an engaging, fulfilling and more humane change process.

Change Management

Her Approach is humane...

Zu is a strong believer that human connection is one of the most important factors in guiding people through change. 

Her approach is based on the scientific fact that after the basic needs of shelter and food, the most important need for humankind is the sense of belonging and connection. Because social support is proven to be one of the most effective ways individuals cope with stressful situations, her approach provides practical ways leaders can meet that need. Without caring enough about people's needs it is really challenging to change anyone.

Her framework is simple and easy

On her Change your VIEW- a humane approach to changeā€, she provides leadership with a framework to better support their teams during transition and facilitate the change process. Her simple and intuitive method unlocks the secrets of an easier, pleasant and enjoyable change. It has 4 simple steps that help leaders to be visible, build rapport with employees and achieve the so desired sustainable change.

She will inspire  your organization to embrace change

Zu has addressed many audiences and assisted many teams and leaders to realize their people dependent return on investment (ROI). She is engaging, relevant and full of energy. You will feel her passion as soon as you hear her talking. She not only knows what it takes to achieve a successful change, but also how to make it fun, enjoyable and smooth. She speaks to the heart. You will for sure leave an impression on your and your team.

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